NADFLY is an award winning company with an independent and unique perspective on art participation and engagement.

Our studio is based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Our art and design imagination starts with an intrinsic love of colour and an intense interest in considering the materials used. We desire that our work be both rigorous in vision and joyful in form.

We practice a collaborative approach that ensures the development of grounded and creative solutions.

We seek to develop art projects that will promote the values of the built environment, and in doing so creating a new and potential unexpected cultural perspective.

With every job we are fully committed to the journey. We listen, research, and explore to realize a project to fit the needs of the place and its people. We keep an open mind and never limit ourselves, believing in the time-invested means a greater understanding.

We have successfully worked with clients and communities all over the world.

Our partners and clients are the private and public sectors: communities, developers, charities, local businesses, architects, landscape architects, urban designers, educational authorities, local authorities, housing regeneration, economic development companies, cultural organisations, international organisations, Theatres, Museums and Galleries.

Collaborators include local residents, makers, dancers, choreographers, academics, filmmakers, visual artists, musician, writers, sculptures actors, architects, landscape architects, urban designers and designers.

Nicola Atkinson, artist, is the director of NADFLY.

We welcome informal visits in person to discuss your projects. Please email us for an appointment.

Our Services:


• Community consultation management
• Programme research and development
• Project analysis and documentation
• Budget research, development, implementation and management
• Project monitoring and evaluation reports
• Project management services, including client and consultant liaison
• Creative consultation
• Design development team management
• Technical drawings and documents
• Fabricator and contractor management
• Media events
• Promotion and Public Relations
• Stakeholder consultation
• Exhibition management

Skills Set

• Painting
• Drawing
• Ceramics
• Sculpture
• Photography
• Curator
• Graphic Design
• Architectural Design
• Technical Drawings
• Model Making
• Fabrication
• £5m public liability insurance


314 South Block Studio,
64 Osborne Street,
Glasgow G1 5QH

email -
mobile - 0044 7453178638
twitter - @nadfly

UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, Cuba, Canada, USA and Japan.

2014 Winner - The Carnegie Prize for Design and Wellbeing Award
2014 Winner - PAHA Environment Award
2013 Winner - Scottish Design Award - Lighting Design Award
2013 Winner - Design - Best Seafood Restaurant Award

The NADFLY studio photograph are copyrighted to Gillian Hayes

Artwork & Photographs©nadfly2015